About the Fuel Shack

About the Fuel Shack

After more than 25 years of service as a Pediatrician, including 10 years as Medical Director of a community clinic providing health care and health education to uninsured and underinsured residents of the surrounding areas, I recently retired and I am now working diligently towards fulfilling another lifelong passion of mine, to open a restaurant serving deliciously nutritious breakfast and lunch foods and gourmet coffee; to Fuel the Mind, Body and Soul with Good Food..Good Eats!

I was encouraged by shared moments in the kitchen with my grandmother that joy, love and a warm sense of wellbeing could be expressed through food. Fond childhood memories of home-cooked meals, especially breakfast, still linger and even now, breakfast remains an important start to my day! My intent is to inspire others to get "energized" about breakfast and lunch too!

Over the years, my passion for food preparation and sharing has not waned. I have been the primary cook for family gatherings, impromptu meetings, major holidays and "just because" moments for over 30 years.

I enrolled in several specialized cooking courses within the U.S. and while traveling abroad (Mexico, Italy, France, Fiji, Japan, New Zealand, Tahiti) to learn the foods of the areas and celebrate with the locals as they shared their delectable taste sensations!

The featured menu at THE FUEL SHACK, INC. provides carefully selected breakfast and lunch items, prepared without the use of a fryer, griddle or grill. The main menu item of meats and selected breakfast items will be prepared via slow-cooking. Slow-cooking is all about dishing out flavorful foods for families and friends. Retro? Yes! Outdated? No. This form of cooking is making a "comeback" of sorts, showcasing a new way to use an old technique to wake up the taste buds of a modern generation!

My passion for cooking began at an early age, encouraged by my loving grandmother, inspired by family gatherings, supported by creative insight, enhanced by formal training and enlightened by continued education! Wake up with THE FUEL SHACK, INC.